About us

Dear Denier [di(e)r de’ni(e)r] was founded in 2012 by Danish Katrine Drost Lewinsky in an entrepreneurial spirit. Katrine worked for 15 years in the fashion industry for several big fashion brands before founding Dear Denier. While working with sales Katrine visited many stores in Scandinavia and being a tights-girl she always needed to buy new tights when on the road. However, it was almost impossible to find brands with values and products matching the needs and mindset of Katrine as she was looking for fashionable, functional and durable hosiery with a sustainable approach. This was her motivation for launching Dear Denier. Luckily, the demand for sustainable hosiery has grown ever since and in 2017 Katrine’s husband Frederik joined the company. Today Dear Denier represent “a new generation of hosiery” with functional products for modern consumers who are demanding comfortable and durable products made with thought for planet and people.
Dear Denier is Nordic design at its best. Aesthetic and functional minimalism without compromise. We combine design with state-of-the-art production in sustainable factories in Italy. Using sustainable materials such as recycled nylon, recycled elastane, recycled wool, traceable natural fibres and even leftovers from other companies’ production processes. We bring extremely durable and sustainable fashion products to consumers who are tired of the negative impact of the textile industry through its harmful products and disregard for people and nature. We say it’s all about caring. Caring for yourself, the ones you hold dear and the future to come. We say it’s all about change. Be conscious. Be curious and challenge the status quo through your smallest actions. And let us form a wave of change together. When you choose socks and tights from Dear Denier you fuel change. Change through caring.
About a healthy future. A future where all consumers and all manufacturers agree that the climate crisis is real and something we can fix by standing together and make the right decisions. Not driven by capital but by purpose. The hosiery industry and consumption is broken. And has been for more than 60 years. Hosiery was once a luxury good made to last. Now, hosiery is to more than 80% of consumers a product we buy alongside our groceries. Consumers has for too long accepted hosiery to be a single-use product. But we can do better. It does not have to be this way. We can use hosiery and protect our planet and the people who make the products at the same time.