Our measures - A deep dive into our take on sustainability in the hosiery industry

For us sustainability is about taking full responsibility of all the steps that go into the creation a pair of tights or a pair of socks. The process of creating a fairly simple product as this presents dilemmas and choices that will surely affect how sustainable the outcome will be. Choices about what kind of raw materials you chose to work with, where and how you chose to manufacture the product, how you chose to dye the product and whether you wish to add new characteristics through chemical treatment, and what about the packaging? All these steps present you with choices that directly affect the sustainability and (not to forget) the price of the product.

For us the only way to achieve a truly sustainable product is to take ownership of all of the steps and be fully aware of what, why and how we chose to go about the creation of our products in order to achieve the most sustainable result.

We save tons of water every year!
By using sustainable yarn and production we save about 10.000 litres of water for every 1.000 pairs of stockings we produce compared to conventional tights.

The materials

We use premium and sustainable materials such as recycled nylon and traceable natural fibres such as Egyptian cotton, Italian silk and cashmere produced with regard for nature, people and animals. All of our raw materials come from Italian suppliers who have certificates such as EU Ecolabel, GOTS, Global Recycle Standard, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, OEKO-TEX®, DETOX, HIGG Index and the like.

The manufacturing

Our Italian factories are highly technological OECO-TEX®-certified zero-waste factories which means they work systematically - and continually invest in new solutions that help them - to reduce their environmental footprint i.e. by using solar power and other renewables, purifying water used for production, focusing on low energy consumption and specialising in the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

The Dyeing

Our dyeing facilities are also zero-waste facilities. They filter and clean all of the wastewater from the dyeing process before discharging the water back into the municipal sewage treatment plants. The water is monitored and re-used for production or for watering of fields and other municipal needs.

All the powder colorants used are cleaned along with the fumes from the drying process. This means that no polluting elements are emissioned into the atmosphere.

Some off the facilities even have ozone plants to ozonise the sludge from the dyeing system erradicating all enzymes incompatible with the external environment.

The packaging

Our packaging is FSC-certified which ensures that the paper and cardboard is made from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. We also work with packaging in an unconventional way when it comes to our tights. The most part of our tights come in a designed box in stead of the typical envelope that you throw out. This makes you able to recycle the box as storage for whatever fits inside. Most of our customers use them for jewelry, tights or the like.